Bitcoin Layer 2 for an Open Future

Empowering the Bitcoin Economy with smart contracts, dApps, and limitless innovation.


Dual-Layer Architecture


EVM & UTXO Compatible


High-Performance ZK Stack


Vast Ecosystem Resources

Zulu Unlocks the Bitcoin Economy for Devs and Users

Smart contracts, scalability and limitless innovation. You can now build decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the Bitcoin Network with Zulu.

Zulu Enables Sophisticated Smart Contracts on Bitcoin

Everything you can do on Ethereum you can now do on Bitcoin with Zulu. The whole crypto world is bridged and at your disposal on one Layer 2.

Zulu Dual-Layer Architecture

The Zulu Network stands out as the first Bitcoin Layer 2 platform to introduce a dual-layer architecture, meticulously considering both stability and innovation.

ZuluPrime: Acts as L2 on Bitcoin with EVM compatibility.
ZuluNexus: Acts as L3 focusing on native Bitcoin format innovations.

This modular approach enhances the functionality of the Zulu Network, marking a significant step forward in the realm of Decentralized Finance on the Bitcoin blockchain and beyond.

The Future is Zulu

Fostering the next bitcoin ecosystem innovations and connecting the Web3 world like never before.

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